"Today the Lord God has torn the kingdom of Israel from out of your hands. He will pass it to another man, a better man than you."

Samuel was the holy prophet at the time of King Saul. He had anointed Saul King upon the urgings of the Israelites and advised him for many years, until Saul did not utterly destroy the Amalekite nation as he had been ordered to by God, but instead built a monument to himself and captured numerous animals for sacrifice. In response, Samuel informed Saul that the kingdom of Israel had been torn from his hands and passed on to a better man.

Samuel later blessed David, the son of Jesse, declaring that he would succeed Saul as King. Samuel died, but his spirit was brought up by The Witch of Endor to offer Saul advice prior to the Battle at Gilboa. Samuel grimly stated that today was his dying day.


  • Samuel was voiced by Joss Ackland, who played Noah in Creation and the Flood.
  • Samuel was a descendant of Abraham, and one of the tribe of Levi.
  • Though he had to reject Saul's kingdom, Samuel was said to have grieved heavily for him and even aged prematurely.