Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

Ramses I palace in Thebes

Ramses I palace in Thebes.

Ramses II palace in Memphis

The Entrance to Merneptah's palace in Memphis.

Merneptah's throne room

Merneptah's throne room in Memphis with the Great Sphinx outside.

Egypt appears in two episodes Moses and Joseph.

Egypt is run by the Egyptians. They are polytheistic believing in many Gods and Goddesses. They are ruled by a monarchy who have all the power and believed to be the reincarnations of their Deities, and these Kings and Queens are called Pharaohs. Only 3 Pharaohs have been shown on the show Ramses I, Ramses II, and Merneptah. Joseph and his family lived near Thebes. Moses grew up in Pi Ramses, in the house of Ramses II . Egypt uses slaves that they collect from Canaan, Africa, Asia, and Greece to build it's great cities and monuments, that is until the Exodus. After the Plagues, Egypt's economy begins to suffer. Egyptian art includes animals with the heads of humans and humans with the head of animals. In the Bible, Egypt is mentioned many times. Egypt tried to conquer Israel and Judah on multiple occasions usually failing. In the New Testament, Jesus spent his the first 4 years of his life in Egypt. Also many more Pharaoh's are in the Bible than in the show including a Pharaoh who met Abraham, a Pharaoh who's daughter married King Solomon, the son of King David, Pharaoh Shishaq who raided Judah and the temple, and Pharaoh Necho who defeated the Israelites in battle only to be defeated by the Babylonians soon after. The Israelites often chose between Egypt and Babylon.


  • In real life, Ancient Egyptians never owned slaves that built pyramids, only house slaves who did servant work. All of the people who built things were well payed workers.
  • Ancient Egypt was actually called "Kemet" by the Ancient people of the world and it translates to "The Black Land" which came from the color of skin the Egyptians had.
  • Ancient Egypt or Kemet became a Kingdom around 3000 BC over 5000 years ago. Proving there was no Global Flood in the year 2304 BC as the Bible States.
  • Ancient Egyptian Mythology and Christian Mythology share similarities between their main God (s): Horus and Jesus.
  • Ancient Egyptian Language was around from 2690 BC to 1600s AD and has been replaced by Egyptian Arabic in modern Egypt.